Our Products : Working with CROs, a one-day program

Successfully managing a CRO-based project can present tough challenges. This one-day program is designed to help participants develop an approach to managing and working effectively with sponsors. The program assumes that the contract has already been signed; therefore it focuses on successfully managing and implementing the contract.

This program proceeds from a two-part philosophy:

  1. If you are to achieve success with sponsors, you must understand the sponsor's needs and actively manage the relationship.
  2. It is essential to build and sustain a high trust working relationship with the sponsor.

Program Design

Our goal in designing this program is to engage the participants through the use of small group activities, role-plays and case studies. Therefore, the program utilizes a highly interactive design. In addition to learning new skills, we encourage participants to reflect on their own behavior, as well as to evaluate the projects in which they are currently involved and to make changes as appropriate.


The specific objectives of the program are to:

  • identify the necessary steps in building the company/CRO project team
  • identify what sponsors want from CROs
  • identify when to meet with the sponsor about a problem situation
  • teach how to design, conduct and follow up a kick-off meeting
  • provide a model for conducting a problem solving meeting with the sponsor
  • provide a model for conducting a six month and end of project review
  • understand the importance of trust to project success, and how to build trust.


Each participant is asked to bring a write-up of a project they are currently involved with and about which they have some concern. As a part of the assignment, they will answer a prepared series of written questions. The pre-work will be reviewed during the program, and each participant will prepare an action plan for their project at the program's conclusion. Participants will also be asked to read the initial part of a case study.

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Program Case Study

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Want to do it on your own?

Our case studies and additional exercises, along with a detailed trainer guide, can be purchased for internal training! Contact us for details.


Ensuring Project Success [PDF]

Trust-Based Influence and the Sponsor/CRO Relationship [PDF]

A Relationship in Need of Treatment: Sponsors and CROS Face Critical Issues (reprint available from Ira)