Our Programs : The Successful Negotiator

This program is our core negotiation program which we have tailored for use with clinical, regulatory, project management, biostatistics, QA and other specific departments within the pharmaceutical industry. The program has also been conducted for legal, marketing and sales personnel both within and outside of the pharmaceutical industry.

The course features our Six-Step Negotiation model and makes use of role plays, case studies, video assessment surveys and small group activities, valuing the active involvement of the participants.

"I wanted to let you know I thought your class was exceptional and I walked away with many tools that I can use on a daily basis to improve negotiations and communications. Once again - thank you for a great class."

Format: The Successful Negotiator is available in both a two- and a three-day format. The three-day format allows for more practice, as well as the implementation of a more comprehensive feedback inventory.

See the 2-Day Program Outline and Agenda

The Successful Negotiator Program has been conducted throughout Western Europe. We have had our role plays and case studies translated into French, German, Italian and Spanish to facilitate these programs.

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Client Quote:
"I still have my binder from the Successful Negotiator course you taught... and still utilize those skills in my job. That was a great course you put together."

Client Quote:
"Just as you said, I felt the real value of the course about a month later. I am now spending more time preparing for meetings, looking at the agenda, determining what is needed for a successful negotiation. I also made a habit of summarizing and reviewing the outcome of the meetings."