Our Programs : Enhancing Negotiation Skills

This program has been designed as a follow-up to our two-day Successful Negotiator program. The objective of this one-day course is to reinforce the learner's mastery and implementation of the original program's concepts and methods.

At the conclusion of this program, each participant will have:

  • identified how effective he/she has been in applying the skills and behaviors taught in the Successful Negotiator program
  • developed a specific action plan to address any improvement opportunities
  • practiced his/her negotiation skills

Program Methodology

The program has three major components. They are:

  • Diary review. Review of a negotiation diary that participants have been asked to complete prior to the program. The diary asks them to identify and describe recent negotiations, how they handled them and what they did that made a difference. The diary results are discussed in small groups and then with the total group.
  • Data review. Review of the Negotiation Practices Survey results. Each participant will select six co-workers to complete the survey for them. The survey is completed prior to the workshop and all the data is compiled by us and brought to the program. Based on the survey results, participants will then identify specific behaviors they wish to practice during the program.
  • Negotiation practice. The practice negotiations used will be specific to the participants' work. Although special emphasis is given to Issue Identification and Bargaining the program can be tailored to meet the needs of other group's. Also included is a video, which illustrates the Issue Identification process.

Note: The survey allows the participants to benchmark their behavior. We can store individual results. Should participants want to take the survey a second time we can make that data available allowing them to chart their progress. In addition we can compile the scores for all of the participants to see what that might tell you about the department's performance.

Number of Participants

Because of the nature of this program, the number of participants is limited to twelve people to allow more personal attention and feedback. A minimum of at least six months from participation in the Successful Negotiator program should elapse before the Enhancing program.

For complete information, call sandy or Ira at: 212.243.0782.

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Client Quote:
"I remember the program well and continue to use the lessons learned some ten years ago (perhaps more)."

Client Quote:
"I can tell you that people changed a lot in their attitude and became more friendly after taking your class. They try to listen more and more in many occasions. These are good signs."