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All lunch and learn presentations are ninety minutes in length with time set aside for questions and discussion. All presentations can be tailored to address company specific issues.

Program Descriptions

Culture and Language and the impact on Team Effectiveness -
This presentation is ideal for people who lead or are members of cross functional project teams who are interested in improving team performance.

However, anyone interested in improving the quality of their communication with co-workers from other cultures will find this presentation helpful. The presentation covers the major roadblocks to cross - cultural communication, the major mistakes Americans make and suggestions for change.

The Negotiation Overview -
This presentation is ideal for those whose negotiations are limited in time and scope but who are interested in obtaining an understanding of what good negotiators do.

This presentation provides an overview of the critical skills of the successful negotiator. Among the items covered the importance of trust to negotiation success, the behaviors of the effective negotiator and the six step successful negotiator model.

Tough Conversations: Skills for Staying Sane and Effective -
We all work with them. They're aggressive, critical or bull-headed. They say one thing and then do another. They dominate meetings and spread gossip, then slip through your fingers when you try to confront them. They frustrate and divert energy from important work. These people make life difficult. You've tried many ways to get them to change, but nothing seems to work - projects stall, and demoralization ripples through teams, departments and even whole organizations. Why are they this way? How can we collaborate with people who keep driving us over the edge?

This presentation explains a practical, structured process - a roadmap of new perspectives and skills for transforming difficult conversations into powerful, productive collaborations. It shifts from debate to inquiry, from defending ourselves and our positions to exploring the advantages of both party's ideas. Participants will learn a three-step model for collaborative conversations.

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Client Quote:
"Your negotiation course is practical and engaging."

"It was a true pleasure to meet you both and spend two days learning from you. Thank you so much for everything! This is hands down the most effective and relevant training I have taken in my entire career. Looking forward to receiving your updates."