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THE NEGOTIATION SOURCEBOOK (2nd ed.) by Ira and Sandy Asherman
The Negotiation Sourcebook (2nd ed.) is a 44-article compilation on negotiation theory and practice. Organized topically, this volume is divided into eight sections: theoretical frameworks, persuasion, skill building, gender, culture, difficult negotiators, and teams. It also includes a section on common negotiations such as buying a car or asking for a raise. The Sourcebook is ideal for individual and classroom use.

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475 pp / Paperback / Published by HRD Press / 2001
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(2nd ed.) by Ira and Sandy Asherman
Use the Negotiation Effectiveness Profile (2nd ed.) to help test takers gain valuable insight into their negotiation strengths and weaknesses. Participants complete a 36-question survey on six steps crucial to successful negotiations: planning, trust, issue identification, communication, problem solving, and solution development. The workbook also includes an action planning segment.

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NEW! 360° Online Version. Participants complete the 360° online version on our website. Published by E Pluribus Maximus / 2001.

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by Ira and Sandy Asherman (eds.)

If you're a management trainer or development specialist looking for role plays, this book is a must.

25 Role Plays to Teach Negotiation (Vol. 2) includes 25 new role plays and is organized into two broad sections: Internal Negotiations, covering negotiations with co-workers and External Negotiations, which focuses on negotiations with vendors and contractors.

Included on CD disk are the original 25 role plays from our first volume, the popular 25 Role Plays to Teach Negotiation (Vol. 1)

Each role play is premised on three critical concepts:

  • Successful negotiation is not an adversarial process, but a collaborative framework for creative problem solving.
  • The needs and interests of both negotiating parties must be addressed if there is to be a long-term solution.
  • Negotiation is an ongoing process, and today's negotiation will affect the long-term relationship between the parties.

The role plays are drawn from a variety of real life corporate settings including the chemical, pharmaceutical, retail, and publishing industries to prepare you for on-the-job situations.

From a review of 25 Role Plays (Vol. 1)

"Roles are described with enough information and detail for even the most 'stage shy' participant to get into the act. By the end ... the player is guaranteed to feel strongly about his or her position and ready to argue for what is 'right'."

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Paperback / Published by HRD Press / 2004
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by Ira Asherman

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50 Plus Activities to Teach Negotiation contains a variety of fully reproducible exercises to teach and reinforce the skills necessary to be a successful negotiator. Each activity is described in detail, and includes steps to follow, resources and lecture notes for the trainer. The exercises are designed to meet the needs of both the inexperienced and experienced trainer.

Training Objectives:

  • Evaluate participants' current negotiation skills
  • Demonstrate behaviors characteristic of successful negotiators
  • Find creative new ways to approach problems
  • Assess how participants deal with conflict
  • Explore the boundary role concept and its implications

Activities Covered:

  • Planning a negotiation
  • Creative thinking
  • Negotiation styles
  • Assertiveness
  • Questioning techniques
  • Handling difficult people
  • Sales negotiation

Training Methods:

  • Exercises
  • Self-scoring surveys
  • Negotiation transcripts
  • Case Studies

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300 pp / 3-Ring Binder / Published by HRD Press / 1996
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Available Online!
by Ira and Sandy Asherman

Need to assess a team?

The Asherman Team Effectiveness Survey is anonymously completed by members of an intact project team. The survey contains items relating to the team leader, the project manager, communication patterns, conflict, trust and timelines, geographically dispersed teams and the impact of cultural differences and language on team performance. The survey can be tailored to meet the needs of individual companies.

ONLINE / Published by E Pluribus Maximus / 2004

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