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The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School (PON)
is a university consortium dedicated to developing the theory and practice of negotiation and dispute resolution. As a community of scholars and practitioners, PON serves a unique role in the world negotiation community. Founded in 1983 as a special research project at Harvard Law School, PON includes faculty, students, and staff from Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tufts University.

Stockard-Elmer & Co., Inc.
is a New York City-based training and communication consulting firm specializing in business writing, instructor development, instructional design, and project management. We work with professionals in the accounting, banking, pharmaceutical, insurance, and retail industries.

Glenn Parker - Team Building Consultant
Come to check out Team Building guru, Glenn Parker's latest products and services and then wander around the FreeBees section where you will find lots of cool stuff you can use such as icebreakers, surveys, team building exercises, articles on teamwork and effective meetings as well as whole section devoted to ways you can use his best-seller, the Parker Team Player Survey.