Follow-Up Studies

We have periodically conducted surveys of client companies in order to study the efficacy of our programs. Here are the results of three such studies:


Participants: Clinical Research Staff
Number: 43
Survey Completed: 4-9 Months After Program

Client Comments:

"Approximate savings in last six months - $200,000."

"Saved a few thousand dollars and three months delay."

"Accomplished in one discussion what others could not do in two years. $2000 to date and expect more."

" one multi-center study, I saved $125,000 over the initial investigators estimates."

"...the financial savings that I have negotiated since taking the course probably amounts to around $200,000."

"A grant that was negotiated from $75,000 to $56,000."

"By using techniques, helped convince investigators to get study documents in house, negotiated time frames for projects etc."

"$40,000 on grants in particular. Positively another $20-30,000 on various other grants."

"Perhaps a 15-20% reduction in cost estimates per study."

"Since the program, [I] have saved a few thousand dollars, however, the potential to save more in future negotiations is greater."

"The total budget now stands at $76,073.65 vs. $82,904.65, a difference of $6,831, overhead included."

"...he asked for $800 per case for the new study. I was able to negotiate this figure down to $500."

"...initially talking 100K, last visit was 93K, this visit 86-87K."

"One investigator submitted a budget for $4700 per patient. I was able to negotiate to $3500 per patient for a total savings of $24,000 per study."

"There was a bit of dueling with hand held calculators, but when the smoke disappeared...agreed to reduce the budget request by $6,000.00 dollars."

"Their first proposal was nearly $90,000. During last visit negotiated budget down to $80,810."

"Negotiated a decrease in budget of $288 per patient."

"Yes - estimate 30% reduction in lab work costs and 10% reduction in overall grant expenditures."

"Saved $6000..."

"I planned in advance with written notes listing objectives (high aspirations) New budget compared with past budget (resistance points) and made concessions to obtain contingent concessions."

"I negotiated the original budget downward by $6234.80 and obtained all of the other initiating documents, except the institutional review board approval document."

"Negotiated down a proposal from $50,000 to $26,000 by trimming off unnecessary methodology."


Participants: Pharmaceutical Company Managers
Number: 18
Survey Completed: 6-18 Months After Program

Client Comments:

"[I've saved the company] $200,000."

"One of my projects is two months ahead of schedule...I can say that in just this project it represents a cost savings of $25,000."

"I've saved $30,000 in the process of negotiating grants for clinical studies."

"This was the most valuable HRD course I have ever taken. Assertiveness is fine, but learning negotiating skills gives you techniques by which to attempt the assertion."

"[As a result of the program] I've cut short the time needed to write and discuss inspection reports; am more effective in getting others to comply with my inspection findings."

"This class is to be taken quite seriously as a potential resource."

"I've become less aggressive and more assertive."

"...facilitated scientific collaboration within my research group by facilitating the resolution of potential conflict."

"Productivity improved in my section through increased harmony with outside service groups."

"I have found myself negotiating with both my staff and my boss... asking questions and listening to answers has been very helpful."

"I'm more sensitive to what the other person wants and I find myself more willing to compromise happily."

"I've referred to Ira Asherman's manual approximately 3-4 times since the course."

"I'm not negotiating against myself."

"I've used the techniques learned in this program many times in my day-to-day work."

"I've saved two weeks off a schedule and approximately 10% in costs [because of this course]."


Participants: Pharmaceutical Company Managers
Number: 19
Survey Completed: 6-18 Months After Program

Client Comments:

"Proved especially useful in identifying negotiating styles so that I could maximize [the company's] position on grant performance."

"I've been dramatically more successful in getting cooperation in experimental planning...and hence, in a better position."

"By identifying areas of potential savings through reduced expenses, we (collectively) passed through $3-4,000,000 in increased profits."

"Freight discounts negotiated for incoming freight totaled approximately $21,000 from June to December."

"...negotiated 25% residual value limit upon expiration of equipment lease contract."

"...saved about $5/hour for contract engineers -- annual savings of about $10,000."

"...I'm not afraid to set my goals much higher at the outset."

"I'm getting a clearer understanding of my position and the other parties position ahead of time. This allows for development of alternatives that can be proposed during negotiations. I'm also learning to say no and stick by it."

"I've learned how much people perform position bargaining...I've learned to recognize this and draw people out so we can work on solutions to a negotiation which results in WIN-WIN."