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Current Issue

Winter 2017: Don't Wate Your Money – Find the Right Negotiator
by Ira Asherman

Previous Issues

Summer 2016: After the Ink Dries...Fulfilling the Promises
by By John Baker (Negotiator Magazine, Sep, 2014)

Fall 2015: The Relevant Negotiator
by Dr. James L. Greenstone (Negotiator Magazine, Feb, 2015)

Summer 2015: Prepare a Negotiation not a Presentation
by Steve Altman (Negotiator Magazine, Aug, 2014)

Spring 2015: 7 Must-Ask Questions in Any Negotiation
by Eldonna Lewis-Fernandez (Negotiator Magazine, Apr, 2015)

Winter 2015: Case Study: The Telephone Negotiation

Fall 2014: Team Negotiations

Summer 2014: Essential Reading for Negotiators

Spring 2014: New Strategies for the Female Negotiator

Winter 2014: The Power of Climate Setting
by By Joelle Miller Keoghan, Research Associate, Asherman Associates Inc.

June 2013: The Importance of Post- Negotiation Evaluations
by Charles B. Craver
(Negotiator Magazine, Nov, 2011)

February 2013: The Most Serious Errors Made by Negotiators: Twenty-Five to Consider
by James L. Greenstone, Ed.D., J.D., DABECI
(Negotiator Magazine, May, 2006)

November 2012: Negotiating with the Chinese: A Case Study
(Negotiator Magazine, March, 2012)

April 2012: Conflict: Don't Fight It, Manage It [PDF]

January 2012: The Art of Face-to-Face Networking In a Digital Age [PDF]

November 2011: It's Not Business, It's Personal [PDF]

June 2011: Overconfident, Underprepared: Why You May Not Be Ready To Negotiate [PDF]

November 2010: How to Defuse Threats at the Bargaining Table [PDF]

August 2010: What's Wrong With Being Right? [PDF]

May 2010: Are You Asking The Right Questions? [PDF]

January 2010: Make the Most of e-Mail Negotiations [PDF]

August 2009: Culture And Its Impact On The Bargaining Table Part Two [PDF]

April 2009: Navigating Negotiation Styles [PDF]

October 2008: The Female Negotiator [PDF]

Winter 2007: Managing the Negotiation Process - Part I [PDF]

October 2007: Books [PDF]

June 2007: Employment Contracts [PDF]

Summer 2006: Trust [PDF]

Winter 2006: Ensuring Negotiation Failure [PDF]

Summer 2005: Opening Offers [PDF]

December 2004: The Difficult Relationship [PDF]

Utilizing What You Have Learned [webpage]

Beyond the Obvious: Culture and Management Issues in Northern Europe, Part 1 [webpage]

Beyond the Obvious: Culture and Management Issues in Northern Europe, Part 2 [webpage]

Negotiating Rationally [webpage]

Everyday Negotiations: Buying A Car [webpage]

Get Smart Househunting [webpage]

Joint Ventures in the Pharmaceutical Industry [webpage]

Managing The Communication Process [webpage]

Negotiating with the Japanese [webpage]

Working Well with Difficult People [webpage]

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