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Don't Waste Your Money  –  Find the Right Negotiator

Each year pharmaceutical companies negotiate billions of dollars of agreements with suppliers, CROs, corporate partners and clinical sites. In addition to those agreements, negotiations with regulatory agencies can have a significant impact on the success of your company and its products. The size, speed and cost of clinical trials are determined in these regulatory interactions. Agreements with regulators will also define the nature and breadth of market approval and the label accorded to new products. Thus, how your company negotiates is a key factor in the success of every pharmaceutical organization. The key question is: Are you obtaining the maximum value from your current approach to negotiation?

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Ira now has two speeches available. They are:

BECOMING A SUCCESSFUL NEGOTIATORWhat the cast of Friends, the Big Bang Theory and other notables can teach us about negotiation.

This is not a generic presentation with a few Pharmaceutical comments, but a product of the many programs we have conducted for industry, the FDA and CRO’s. Drawing on examples from television, the movies and politics, this forty – five minute presentation will get participants thinking about their own and the department’s performance.


Building a first rate regulatory department does not happen by chance. It requires work and discipline. This presentation, drawn from our work with the FDA and industry, will outline the factors limiting success along with the seven critical elements of the high performing regulatory department. The presentation is ideal for that upcoming worldwide or regional meeting.


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