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Planning as we all know is critical to effective negotiation. In this current newsletter, Steven Altman takes us through the critical elements of effective planning. 

  Prepare a Negotiation not a Presentation.
      By Steve Altman

Read the article in The Negotiator Magazine, August 2014.



For those of you who have attended our workshops, you know how important we believe trust is to successful negotiation. Some of the most interesting research has been done, by Dale Zand, a Professor Emeritus at New York University.

Zand, in a study which placed executives in high and low trust groups and gave them the same information, found the following:

  • High levels of trust are associated with better goal clarification between parties, greater exchange of informational messages, greater problem solving and greater commitment to implement agreements.
  • In the low trust groups, interpersonal relationships interfered with and distorted perceptions of the problem.  Energy and creativity were directed from finding comprehensive, realistic solutions, and members used the problem as an instrument to minimize their vulnerability.  In the high trust groups, there was less socially generated uncertainty and problems are solved more effectively.
  • There were significant differences in effectiveness between the high and low trust groups in the clarification of goals, the reality of information exchange, the scope of search for solutions and the commitment of managers to implement solutions.

In a similar study Wayne Boss reported his findings in a 1977 article in the Harvard Business Review. Boss found that “under conditions of high trust, problem solving tends to be creative and productive. Under conditions of low trust problem solving tends to be degenerative and ineffective.”

Remember that the more difficult the negotiation the greater the need for trust.



BECOMING A SUCCESSFUL NEGOTIATORWhat the cast of Friends, the Big Bang Theory and other notables can teach us about negotiation.

This is not a generic presentation with a few Pharmaceutical comments, but a product of the many programs we have conducted for industry, the FDA and CRO’s. Drawing on examples from television, the movies and politics, this forty – five minute presentation will get participants thinking about their own and the department’s performance.

ASHERMAN REGULATORY ASSESSMENT - What are they saying about your department?

What are your co–workers, senior management and project team members saying about you and your department? Find out now! Our Regulatory Affairs Assessment, which has been tested, revised and updated, is now available. You cannot address their concerns unless you know what they are saying!

REINFORCING TRAINING - Negotiation Webinars

At the request of a number of clients we have developed a series of Webinars designed to reinforce The Successful Negotiator program. All are one hour in length and include time for questions.


Building a first rate regulatory department does not happen by chance. It requires work and discipline. This presentation, drawn from our work with the FDA and industry, will outline the factors limiting success along with the seven critical elements of the high performing regulatory department. The presentation is ideal for that upcoming worldwide or regional meeting.


This is our core two day program. It has been tailored for among others clinical, regulatory, medical writers and statistics. We have conducted the program in much of Western Europe, Japan, Brazil and India. It can easily be tailored for your company and your department and can now be conducted on very short notice.


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