Utilize What You Have Learned

The most critical aspect of The Successful Negotiator workshops is the ability to apply on the job what you have learned during the initial program.

Listed below are the characteristics of the effective negotiator. Review the list carefully and consider the degree to which you use each skill:

Do I:

  • consider a number of potential settlement options?
  • look for common ground?
  • explore the long-term implications of issues?
  • have a target settlement in mind?
  • clarify my own objectives?
  • have sufficiently high aspirations?
  • commit my plans to writing?
  • consider the other party's objectives?
  • consider the needs and interests of the other party?
  • review my plan with my boss?
  • know my concessions?
  • plan the use of my concessions?

In team negotiations, do I:

  • agree with my team how we will work together?

During the negotiation, do I:

  • focus on the problem?
  • ask questions and listen for the answers?
  • clarify the issues?
  • clarify the other party's proposals?
  • test for mutual understanding?
  • periodically summarize?
  • explore the other person's needs and interests?
  • acknowledge the other person's efforts?
  • have the information to support my position?
  • set a collaborative climate?
  • offer proposals?
  • solicit proposals?
  • make contingent concessions?
  • follow the Successful Negotiator methodology?
    • Planning
    • Climate Setting
    • Issue identification
    • Bargaining
    • Settlement
    • Review

Do I avoid:

  • being judgmental?
  • fixing blame?
  • interrupting?
  • being patronizing?
  • being hostile?

After the negotiation, do I:

  • set aside time to review and assess the results of the negotiation?

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