Negotiation Philosophy : Critical Concepts

The Six-Step Successful Negotiator Model

The driving force of the Successful Negotiator Program derives from four critical concepts. They are:

  • The understanding that negotiation is NOT an adversarial process, but one which establishes a framework for creative problem-solving and the satisfaction of mutual needs
  • The recognition that the needs and interests of both negotiating parties must be addressed
  • The understanding that negotiation is an ongoing process, and that today's negotiation will affect the long-term relationship with the other party
  • The breakdown of the negotiation process into six distinct steps

The Six Steps

    Most people plan for a negotiation minutes before it is to take place. This unit stresses the importance of planning, discusses in detail the factors to consider when preparing for a negotiation, and provides a practical planning manual. Special attention is paid to planning for team negotiations.
    The first few minutes of the negotiation set the stage for what is to follow -- will the proceedings be formal, collaborative, businesslike or antagonistic? This unit places the control of the tone of the meeting in the hands of the negotiator and discusses the steps to take in establishing an appropriate climate.
    All too frequently, negotiations move from a few words of greeting at the beginning of the negotiation to attempts to hammer out the details of the agreement. This unit teaches participants how to be clear about their objectives and the issues being negotiated.
    In this unit, the major negotiating strategies and tactics are reviewed. Each is discussed in a format that allows participants to assess the personal suitability and application of each. It is in this unit that participants gain a firm understanding of the different rituals involved in each strategy, their implications, and how they can be most effectively used as well as countered.
    After agreement is reached, what then? Many deals fall apart because this last step is not completed. This unit teaches participants the critical points to cover AFTER the deal is made.
    This step is designed to aid the negotiators to assess how well they conducted the negotiation and the degree to which they practiced the skill of the Successful Negotiator.

These six steps form the major units of the the Successful Negotiator program.

Client Quote:
"I was genuinely impressed with your materials and am grateful for the structured model offered as a tool. I enjoyed the class both in terms of the materials covered and in the very effective way that it was conveyed. The role plays were appropriate and helped focus my thoughts on adopting and adapting to use the tool."