Negotiation Philosophy : Advantages

The Successful Negotiator Program offers several, distinct advantages:

  • It stresses a NON-ADVERSARIAL APPROACH to negotiation --one that teaches participants to view negotiation as acollaborative, problem-solving process which can be usedin a wide variety of settings;
  • It highlights DETAILED PLANNING as an essential tool forthe effective negotiator;
  • It ensures that participants can effectively utilize the on-the-job skills taught during the program through SEVERAL PRACTICE NEGOTIATIONS;
  • It provides a clear, SIX-STEP MODEL against which negotiationscan be evaluated and reviewed.

At the conclusion of this program, managers will have improved their skills, have a better understanding of their negotiation style, and be able to use their new skills in a variety of daily settings.

Client Quote:
"I just want to tell you how much I appreciate what I learned . . . it helps me a lot in my daily negotiations."