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The Negotiator Resource Center Website is designed to reinforce what participants learned during The Successful Negotiator Workshop. It is based on the assumption that most people return to work after a program and get so involved in their jobs that they rarely have time to spend thinking about what they learned during the program. The Resource Center allows people the flexibility of reviewing the material not only when in the office, but from home or while traveling. It is designed to work as an electronc binder.


The Resource Center Website is built around The Successful Negotiator instructor notes and includes material from all major units. In addition, there is a special unit for regulatory people that focuses on the Boundary Role concept and its' impact for the regulatory professional.

Included are the following units:

  • Definition of Negotiation
  • Skills of the Successful Negotiator
  • Three Critical Skill Sets
  • Approaches to Negotiation - Traditional and Collaborative models
  • Importance of Trust
  • Building High Trust Relationships
  • Behaviors of the Successful Negotiator
  • Six Step Process
  • Boundary Role Management

In addition, there is a section that allows the insertion of company-specific items and also links to our newsletters and articles.

How Utilized

The resource center website is hosted by Asherman Associates. Your staff can have access from anywhere in the world.

Why use the Resource Center

The Resource Center provides several distinct advantages. Among them are:

  • It reinforces the organizations commitment to staff development and training;
  • It provides direct and specific reinforcement for the Successful Negotiator program;
  • It provides a consistent method for negotiation planning throughout the organization.

Purchase Options

Several license options are available. They include licensing the entire Resource Center Website, which includes the Electronic Planning Workbook and Reinforcement Notes, or each unit can be licensed individually.

Our license fees for the resource center are based on the number of employees in your organization (company, department, or group). When you purchase the Resource Center, you obtain a lifetime license. There is no need to repurchase at any time. In addition, everyone in the licensed organization has access to the materials - it is in no way limited to those who have attended the program.

Please contact
Ira Asherman at
Asherman Associates

for licensing information or to order this product.

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