Our Products : Electronic Planning Workbook

The Planning Workbook builds upon the material presented during our two day Successful Negotiator workshop, and has been expanded and enhanced. Included are worksheets and detailed directions that help individuals to complete each worksheet.


Included are sections that cover:

  • Defining the Negotiation
  • Understanding the Negotiators
  • Measuring Trust
  • Defining Issues
  • Clarifying Objectives
  • Understanding the Intangibles
  • Developing Solutions
  • Team Negotiations
  • Ensuring Implementation

The Planning Workbook incorporates several unique advantages. It:

  • can be used as frequently as needed;
  • can be tailored to meet departmental needs;
  • can be downloaded to participants' computers and incorporated into their planning folders;
  • will provide a consistent method across the organization for negotiation planning

How Utilized

The Planning Workbook is hosted by Asherman Associates. Your staff can have access from anywhere in the world.

Purchase Options

Our license fees for the Planning Workbook are based on the number of employees in your organization (company, department, or group). When you purchase the Planning Workbook, you obtain a lifetime license. There is no need to repurchase at any time. In addition, everyone in the licensed organization has access to the Planning Workbook - it is in no way limited to those who have attended the program.

The Planning Workbook can also be licensed as part of the Resource Center Website.

Please contact
Ira Asherman at
Asherman Associates

for licensing information or to order this product.

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